• Hay Fever
    Hay Fever. No Hay, No Fever, But Lots of Misery Hay fever. It is perhaps one of the most common conditions which we encounter in our practice, and it occurs in Read more
  • Rashes
    Exanthemata with you? Among the most common conditions we encounter in pediatrics are rashes. They can have a number of causes including drugs and toxins (as in poison ivy), but today Read more
  • Mosquito Bites
    April Showers Bring May Flowers...And Mosquito Bites April is here, and the weather thus far has been delightfully mild. We all know “April showers bring May flowers.” Unfortunately, those showers leave Read more
  • Poison Ivy
    Leaves of 3, Seriously...Let It Be The mild days of spring have arrived after a rather brutal winter for southeast Louisiana. I mean, seriously, it snowed twice this past winter! What’s up Read more
  • Update
    Some may have noticed that there have been some changes to our website in the past few months.  This is part of our plan to get more involved with our Read more

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